7 months ago, I was defeated and lost a huge bet when she walked into my office looking slimmer, healthier, and happier than she did 3 months ago.

Her Belly, Thigh, and Arm Fat Simply Melted Away Without ANY Trace – and Has Remained Like That for Months.

And I have been in awe ever since.

Dear friend,

Let me be honest here…

One product I hate recommending to my patients, especially those trying to lose body, belly, and thigh fat, is weight loss supplements, pills, and teas.

Especially those ones that the sellers will tell you that…

Because the truth (as I had thought) was that…”they are all absolute lies and pure garbage, and I can prove it”.

But seeing Bisola walk into my office in a tight ass revealing skirt that hot afternoon changed my perspective.

You see…

I placed a bet 7 months ago with a doctor colleague of mine…who had recommended this product to one of my patients who was afraid of undergoing FAT reduction surgery.

With the usual promise, it would help her lose 5kg in 8 days.

I laughed so hard that day because I thought it was bullshit – “A big fucking joke!

Yet, my patient insisted on giving it a try.

This one na “mumu,” I just said to myself.

But guess what?

19 days later, something happened that I’ll never forget.

This same patient came to my office looking stunning.

To be honest, I could barely recognize her.

I couldn’t believe the same product I branded “stupid” was doing all that magic.

So I decided to test it on 2 different Ladies and a Man  I know who wanted to lose and maintain weight fast.

Honestly, I wanted the product to fail the test…

So I could accuse the first patient of doing surgery behind my back.

But all that hope was totally obliterated when these 2 ladies and the Man sent me pictures of their new look after 21, 27, and 35 days respectively.


Their transformation was insane.

Bisola’s shape alone chokes.

Girl that I couldn’t even get to look at because of her shape before.

Now, looking like a million bucks

What about Kunle who had this big pot Belly Before now?

Have started gradually looking like a bachelor with his pot belly disappearing as though he had a fat Surgery.  


Well, ever since then, I haven’t stopped recommending that product.

Not because I don’t want people coming for surgeries.

No, the truth is, I recommend it because it is the safest and most efficient way I know to lose body and belly FAT – fast.

And you know what’s interesting about it?

It is not a supplement or even a pill.

You see…

I know your ULTIMATE desire is to…

Shed off those unwanted belly, thigh, hand, and stomach fats.

I know…

How difficult it is to get yourself up from bed now.

How hard it is to STOP your incessant craving for food.

And how everybody around you is saying you are the cause of your problem.

…without even caring to know how you feel deeply.

Trust me. 

I know the experience alone is and CAN be depressing.


I know you have heard that excess FAT can kill you by blocking blood flow to the heart.

And now…

You are worried that you are still adding instead of reducing, even after going to the gym, using the portion control they recommended, taking only fruits, and doing keto while starving.


No matter how you look at it.

I still want you to know that I am super proud of you.

Not just because of the fact that you have allowed people to lie and confuse you.

But because you are a true fighter.

The thing is…

Most people might think it is easy to deal with FAT.

But between you and I, we both know that’s a lie.

For many, they’ll think we eat a lot.

But then, if only they knew.


You see…

Not many people see those tears, the depressive thoughts, and the frustrations you go through – every single day of your life.

No one understands how painful it is to drag yourself every single time to do the regular things you used to.

No one.

But you.


Anyone who tells you that losing weight in just 21 days is possible is a bloody liar, and they just want your money.

I am NOT saying this to scare you.


You can lose those FAT fast.

But it takes more than just any herb or supplement to do this.

Let me explain…

According to research by the World Health Organisation, “the fundamental cause of obesity and overweight is an imbalance between calories

Put simply…

This means our bodies naturally store more FAT than we can burn per time.

And this excess fat, when stored in our body for a long period of time, becomes a headache that can lead to…

And in some cases, death.


When people promise you’ll lose the excess fat stored in your body over a long time…

They fail to understand 3 of the most important fat-burn measures you must take seriously if you ever want to get back in shape.


Let me explain…

You get energy from the food you eat, which contains calories.

Those calories get stored in your body as fats.

Those fats get burned when you…

Sleep, think, fuck, eat, exercise, work, etc.

The problem most times (and why it is hard for you to lose weight) is that…

You ignore your body fat burn rate, which is now weak and ineffective because of the burden on it.

A perfect way to understand this is to imagine what happens if you have a strong headache and the only solution is to enter a loud and noisy place.

Just think of what will happen to you and that headache.

And this is what those herbs, supplements, and pills you use do and the reason why they hardly work for you.


They can regulate your cravings for food, which helps you maintain a low appetite for food and calorie ratio.

But they can’t help you increase your body fat capacity.

This explains why you start getting results from the supplements and programs you buy and use each time.

All of a sudden, FATS start pumping out again.

You see…

Aside from reducing your cravings for food, regulating your calorie ratio, and even burning them…

Without maintaining a good amount of burn-rate, your results won’t last.

And you’ll keep wasting your money, energy, and time with everything you do.

And trust me, liposuction is not the answer either

Ask yourself this…

Why do people spend months in and out of the gym and remain the same?

Why is it that none worked miracles out of every FAT-burning herb or supplement you have bought and used?

 In fact, why do they even purge you?

What you have to understand is…

To melt your fat quickly and safely without spending a lot of time doing what does not work requires these three conditions:

And that’s where I come in.

You see, most people can do the first two.

But where the problem lies is in the third.

For one, at 20, your cells stop growing, including the very tissue that helps regulate your fat production, burn, and regulation.

Here’s why:

At the core, this is purely a DNA concern.

And not many people can tune your tissue to respond to these changes.

You see…

I have been able to help 500 people get into shape and keep it without hating themselves, sleeping in gym houses every day, or doing fit-fam up and down.

And the best part is that the system for achieving all this is easy to follow.

It does not require you to starve.

It does not require you to eat ONLY fruit or wear belts that don’t allow you to breathe.

You see…

I developed Trim and Tone specifically for people who want to lose and keep weight off.

The main reason why it is the best in the market for people who want to shed off belly, stomach, and body fat fast is that:

It targets the major problems with FAT production, burn, and regulation.

You need to understand that Trim and Tone is:

Not a Miracle Fat Burner:

Let’s be honest…

No weight-loss supplement will magically eliminate belly, body, and thigh fat overnight.

But it helps your tissue continually expel toxic fat buildups and regulate and maintain production, which you need to shed off fat and keep it.

As one of few weight loss supplements for women and men that has been clinically shown to increase energy, focus, and metabolic rate.

Trim and Tone give you the energy to carry on with your daily activities, which is the best way to exercise for busy people.

Since it contains key ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract, this high-stimulant fat burner helps support your fitness goals.

Trim and Tone features a comprehensive science-driven formula designed to help active people lose weight (and keep it off).

Each serving provides effective doses of evidence-based ingredients like Capsimax cayenne pepper extract, high-potency green tea leaf extract, caffeine, and more.

No nonsense or harsh stimulants that make you purge. 

None at all.

Consider this…

You have already spent a lot to get back into shape, and yet nothing to show.

You are already tired.

And have said you’ll live with whatever happens to you.

But then, deep down, you still want a change.


Just imagine that after a few weeks of using the Trim and Tone, your old clothes fit you, your fats are shrinking, and you can breathe, walk, and eat well.

Just imagine the looks people who have said rubbish about you will have.

Just imagine how you’ll feel inside and the confidence that comes with it.

That is what I am offering you. 

Because immediately you get the Trim and Tone Fat Burn package, your weight loss game changes for the better – fast.

In case you are wondering, here’s exactly what you get when you make an order NOW:

As an herbal supplement…

Trim and Tone is made from a natural blend of….

As a rapid fat-burner, it contains:

which contains a lot of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which helps increase fat loss and burn, energy, and general well-being.

A natural amino acid found in green tea leaves that promotes better and longer sleep while enhancing mood by increasing alpha brainwave production.

Which works to support bone mineralization, protein building, muscular contraction, nerve impulse transmission, and immunity.

Which is a secreted hormone that signals the body that it’s time to sleep, helps the body sleep for longer, and ensures circadian rhythms stay in check. 

Put them together, and you have a potent fat burner that targets and sheds unwanted FATS in your body.

But one that helps you…

Get enough sleep.

Glow and sparkle.

Get a stronger metabolism.

Improves your overall health.

Aids cell repair.

And much more…

In addition, when you order today, you also get our FAST action bonus…

To help you enjoy the full benefit of the transformation you’ll be experiencing soon…

It makes sense to have a guide showing you how to attract any partner you choose without seeming too desperate.

Our guide shows you…

The qualities to look out for in a potential partner.

How to attract anyone you want.

What people want from you.

How to tell if someone is genuine

You will also learn…

The 7 Daring Things Most Men SECRETLY Consider and Find Desirable At First Sight

Plus a lot more…


One of the associated problems with FAT is heat.

And excess FATS can damage the heat pores making it hard for the skin to breathe properly.

And that’s why, in this guide…

We’ll be showing you exactly how to:

Care for your spore cells.

Care guide for grooming.

Shower tips.

Body type and more

Food is an important part of your life.

You know this as much as I do.

And that’s why this guide gives you access to hundreds of tried and tested meal plans that satisfy you and aid your fat-burn rate and maintenance.

Inside you will find…

List of Cheaply-Sourced Meals That Help You Burn Fat Naturally.

How to measure your calorie intake and output.

Nigerian foods to avoid if you weigh over 70kg

And a lot more… 


Between the two of us, liposuction (which might kill you) costs over 2 million.

And in most cases, you must travel outside of Nigeria to get it done.

Surgery costs over 1 million, and sometimes it can be dangerous in the long run.

Again, registering for gym sessions, employing a nutritionist, and eating stale foods can be expensive and time-wasting.


They are and can be.

What I am offering you will help you take control of your weight loss journey.

Help you look amazing.

It helps you feel good about yourself and attract the people you want.

And you’ll only be spending N80 per day.


It is not even up to the amount you spend on recharge daily.

The amount you spend in gyms.

Or in eating things that don’t help you.

With just N80 * 30 days, you can take back your life and end your nights of tears, days of depression, and tiredness.


You can finally be free and return to the life that made you happy.

You can shame your enemies and live out your life without the dire complications of heart failure and death.


This is a limited offer, and I can’t guarantee that you’ll see it again if you don’t take action now.

You are not the ONLY one reading this.

God has done His part; it is your turn now.


Here’s what you’ll be getting today once you place an order right now.

Regular Pack

2 Trim&Tone Fat Tea = N29,500

Standard Pack

4 Trim&Tone Fat Tea = N49,000

Premium Pack

6 Trim&Tone Fat Tea = N61,000

Ultimate Pack

8 Trim&Tone Fat Tea = N72,000

Please Do Not Place An Order If you don’t have the money to buy it now.

If you will no longer pick up calls at the point of delivery. Ensure To re-confirm the prices before placing your orders.

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