To women struggling to lose weight and burn out excess FAT…



The image you see above is a chemical called LEPTIN.

It is the chemical responsible for keeping your body SLIM – without having excess FAT in it.

Now, when there’s an imbalance in production of this chemical in your body,

You will start seeing fats adding in your arms, legs, stomach area, neck region 

And feel bloated most of the times.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

If everyone has leptin in them,

And the function of the LEPTIN is to help me maintain my normal weight –

Without adding FATS


And have rolls of ugly fat slumped over each other in my belly area…

And my neck disappeared, swallowed up by too much flesh?

How did I have loose fat hung off my arms like it was trying to escape?

And always feel bloated every time with my big belly looking like I’m 6 months pregnant?



The answer to this question is in these TWO WORDS;


And before you say – which big Grammar is this…

Let me break it down for you in simple English.

You see, Leptin is like a superhero in our body that signals to our brain when we’re full and don’t need to eat anymore.

This way, your brain isn’t storing more FAT than it needs to.

So that moment – when you feel like you’re full,

That’s LEPTIN at work.

But here’s where it gets messy…

Now, imagine this;

Imagine if the superhero, LEPTIN stops working properly.

Meaning, it no longer signals to your brain when you’re full again…

This way, your brain doesn’t know if the fat it has stored is enough

Hence, it keeps storing excess FAT than it’s needs on autopilot

Because there’s nothing giving it caution.

Making your body have more FAT than it needs…

Which now begin to pile up in excess…

And you start noticing your belly area folding together,

This is what LEPTIN RESISTANCE causes.

And as long as the LEPTIN RESISTANCE still continues,

Meaning – it doesn’t send signal to your brain to stop storing FATS

You’ll keep increasing and your weight loss journey will keep being frustrating.

Now, do you know see  why weight loss lies like,

Doesn’t it give you long lasting results?

Because – LEPTIN RESISTANCE is still at work

And your brain is still producing more FATS than you need instead of burning them…

Making you eat more often,

And can’t seem to control it.

Leptin resistance is a difficult phenomenon – mainly because the human body seems to want to hold onto excess body fat more than it wants to lose it.

Reduction in leptin levels can make it difficult to keep losing weight, even if you’re still eating less. That’s because it causes your metabolism to slow down,


Good Question.

Those are symptoms of  LEPTIN RESISTANCE.

And Unless you ” SWITCH ON ” the LEPTIN Chemicals in your body…

You will keep waking up every morning looking at fat rolling over in your belly area…

And loosed fat hung off my arms like it was trying to escape.

Making you feel less confident in yourself and..

Have people looking at you in a certain way in public places.


Up until this research work from our medical team here at NUTRIHEALTH CONSULT,

There’s no single method that helps you SWITCH ON…

… the LEPTIN CHEMICALS in your body.

Because NOBODY Knew that LEPTIN RESISTANCE is what responsible for your WEIGHTLOSS Frustration.

But that’s about to change.

After over 16861 hours experimenting and doing in depth research work in the laboratory…


All you have to do is SWITCH ON your LEPTIN CHEMICAL

And you can lose those excess FAT you’ve been carrying about like a big rock

Whether it’s belly fat,

Sagging arms

Giant fats on your legs

This way, you can Feel smarter,

Feel younger 

Look hot,

And have young men turning their heads to check you out…

Because your body is HOT.



Good question.

Remember the main cause of your weight loss trial and error in the past, is because of LEPTIN RESISTANCE, right?


This blend Trim&tone fat tea

Works through a method called…


This way, it helps you switch on your LEPTIN CELLS to begin to function properly again…

And start sending signals to your brain again.

This way, your body is not storing excess FAT again

And start burning off the piled up FATs in your body…

So well that you could see a difference in just days from now.

No matter your age, weight, or what you’ve tried before. 

Bottomline, I believe it WILL work for you. 

In fact, the first thing you’ll notice is that you feel calm and care-free, just like when you were


Next, you’ll see the scales move… 

With each extra day that goes by, you’ll look in the mirror and notice how fat appears to be

vanishing from your stomach, arms, legs and face. 

And take it from me, there’s nothing better than seeing your unwanted weight melt off your


You’ll notice a bounce in your step. You’ll be happier.

The aches and pains you’ve struggled with will feel better,  or maybe disappear altogether. 

But my favorite part and Trim&Tone Fat Tea biggest promise? 

In as little as 14 days of use, your friends, family and colleagues will start to notice the change.

They won’t be able to hold back the compliments.

And they’ll definitely ask for your secret… 

When you tell them, they won’t believe that it’s so easy!

And it really is — you simply take one tea bag of Trim&Tone Fat Tea  in the morning and night and let it work.

It won’t take long before you join all the women now raving about Trim&Tone Fat Tea  because of their incredible results… 

Women like Ijeoma ( story of that obese last)

Not just that…

Yet, I’ve got a special surprise for you that makes Trim&Tone Fat Tea  even BETTER at helping you cut weight from your hips, belly and every other part of your body!

Trim&Tone Fat Tea contains a unique ingredient called Camellia Sinensis (popularly used by the Kardashian and Royal of Family of England)

This rare ingredient works with a phenomenon called “Fat Melting”

This Helps Melt away the already stored fat In your Body,

Making your Belly fat shrink,

And your arms

Your waistline

Your thigh

Let me tell you, directly from my heart, if you want to start dropping pounds of fat fast… 

… to shrink your belly and reveal the sexy definition you haven’t seen in years… 

… to remove nagging fat from around your neck, chin and cheeks (making you look and feel

years younger)…

… to tone your arms and finally show them off 

This Trim&Tone Fat Tea is your solution.

Plus, when you place an order today,

You’ll be stand a chance to claim the following free gifts for you

You see, let’s face it.

Over the last 5 years,

One thing I’ve seen in every FAT person I know is…


Which makes you very conscious of what to wear

So your stretch marks don’t show.

The good news is…

We have a solution to this.

And it’s produced results for countless women who have tried it…

Best part, the ingredients they all used costs less than N1000

But very potent.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps in this ebook we’ll be sending to your phone once you place an order today,

And watch those stretch marks around your breast area, buttocks area, thigh area fade out in weeks 

And have a clear skin again – wearing what cloth you like without feeling someone is condemning your body.

Once You Get Access To This Ebook

Turn over to page 1 and you’d see the ingredients there.

In fact, it works so well that some of our clients now use it to make extra income for themselves 

They prepare this natural cream for other people like them who want to clear out their stretch marks.

But that’s not all;

According to a report from CBHS health,

High level of fat in the body makes you sweat a lot

But that’s not the thing…

You ee, when you sweat a lot,

You begin to develop a unique type of odor that’s not pleasant 

And makes people want to avoid you

But no one  seems bold enough to tell you to your face.

Making you lose new friends

And even having your lover avoiding you for days – even when you’re giving him all the signal

The good news is,

We have a solution.

And it works

In this ebook,

You’ll discover 3 ingredients you already have in your kitchen…

But you didn’t know it works wonders to reduce how you sweat and your body odor.

As soon as you get access to this ebook,

Quickly turn to page 2,

To prepare the simple recipe you see there and use before you sleep tonight

And notice how you’d wake up feeling fresh and with a charming body scent

It’s magical

Let me not talk too much, 

Get it and try it out

Let’s face it…

For a lot of FAT single people,

Getting a man and keeping him to you is difficult.

You keep getting disappointed time and time again

Not that he doesn’t love you

But when he goes home and tells his friends and family

Everyone is like — you want to marry a fat person?

Are there not other ladies out there

What do you see in this one

And this goes on even after marriage

You start becoming

In this ebook,

You’ll discover how to get a man and keep him.

I’ll reveal to you the art of seduction…

That makes him glued to you…

Just to turn to page 5 immediately

And discover the first step.


At this point is,

The question is not Does this Work?

So let me ask you a question…

What will you see when you look in the mirror a month from now? 

I want us to be as honest and truthful as possible, so I need to tell you… 

It would break my heart to see you miss out on this opportunity.

Because the truth is, if you don’t get your hands on Trim&Tone Fat Tea today then I’m not sure what will change …

With each month that goes by, you could still be a prisoner to unloved, excess fat… 

You could still look down and see your bulging stomach… 

And you may always look back at your old Facebook pictures, wishing you were the same slender woman… 

Your arms and legs could balloon even more, until you can’t wear your favorite blouse or pants…

And everyone you meet might have that same look in their eyes — that they think you’ve let

yourself go…

God knows I hope you don’t ever feel the shame of everyone in a room staring at you in your

most vulnerable and embarrassing moment. 

Yet it doesn’t need to be like this

With The Trim&Tone Fat Tea help, you can fight back against your LEPTIN RESISTANCE and start dropping weight right away. 

Not to mention, you can “WOW” your friends, colleagues and husband as you regain the

slender, sexy body you once had.

And here’s some great news: 

Because you’ve proven you’re committed to melting the fat off by reading this far, 

The Next 147 Packs Of The Trim&Tone Fat Tea have been reserved for you.

…but you must act before they run out of stock!

The Trim&Tone Fat Tea is so powerful and so effective that words have already gotten out… 

Women across the country are discovering this incredible formula for themselves… 

And they’re ordering six or more bottles at a time…

That way they don’t just burn fat in the short-term…

But they keep their LEPTIN SWITCH activated for month-after-month. 

It sounds kind of crazy…

But it makes sense…

Especially because there is just so much research showing that, 

when it comes to the turning on the LEPTIN SWITCH,

The longer you use them…

The more pounds you can see melt off…

And the more invigorated your metabolism and hormones are. 

It’s so empowering to see my fellow sisters stepping up and taking control of THEIR bodies…

And their physical beauty

But of course with so many women choosing to order multiple bottles at  a time…

This often means that demand sometimes outpaces supply… 

And are always at risk of running out of bottles…

Which means women are forced to wait up to three months until the next batch is produced.

I’d hate for that to happen…

Imagine finally being able to throw off that unwanted fat, like you’re casting aside a wet,

smelly blanket…

But then, when you come back to this website to get your next month’s supply…

You see a big message in the top right corner that says: “Out of Stock.” 

It’s not even worth risking…

So we’ve decided  to reserve the next batch for folks who order through this site.

As long as you’re one of the first 147 people who order today, you’ll be able to reserve up to

six packs of Trim&Tone Fat Tea 

And the great news is that the more Trim&Tone Fat Tea  you decide to invest in right

The more you save. 

When the delivery man knocks on your door, I’m sure you’ll want to tear open the package

and try it for yourself right away. 

So go ahead to Boil a cup of water…

…and tear the tea bag and put it inside the hot water

And once the color changes

Gulp it all down all at once.

Then do it again every morning and night. 

 Within the first month, people will be telling you that you’ve never looked so good. 

After 3 months, people will begin to mistake you for a woman half your age. 

They’ll be surprised that a hot mom like you looks so good! 

Your friends, family and colleagues will BEG you to share your pack of Advanced with them. 

In fact, they’ll pay you any price! 

And after 6 months, if you live in a kind of neighborhood like I do, don’t be surprised if a boy of 25 years tries to chat you up. 

Of course, I’d never date a younger man, but it’s a nice compliment!

The thing is,

I cannot tell you what to do.

You’re an adult.

Choose what’s best for you.

If you decide to get  the Trim&Tone Fat Tea

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8 Trim&Tone Fat Tea = N72,000

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