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Who Want To Lose Their BELLY FAT & Get Their Tummy Back To Its Original Size

Before CHILDBIRTH Came To The Picture.

Now, You can re –activate the muscles responsible for a flat tummy in your body through Muscle Contraction  and make your tummy look like it never carried a baby before – Without Going to the gym or doing strenuous exercise

Take A Look At The Image Below👇

Take A Look At The Image Below👇

Image A represents how your tummy looked before childbirth came into the picture…

Flat, Firm & Adorable

But then – when pregnancy came to the picture,

And your tummy started getting really big, 

The muscles in your tummy that is responsible for keeping your stomach flat and firm

Begin to tear apart

So as to accommodate your growing baby.


Just like pulling apart the buttons on a shirt

This is a natural phenomenon

Now, you may be wondering…

So why do I still look pregnant even after it’s been 5 years since I gave birth and my tummy has not returned to its original shape?

Good question.

You see, due to changes in your body after childbirth, 

These muscles responsible for keeping your tummy flat which tear apart during pregnancy to accommodate your baby 

Don’t usually come back to their initial positions

Except through special intervention.

This is what makes your tummy look bulgy – like you’re still 6 months pregnant even many months or even years since you gave birth

Just take a look at IMAGE B on the right.👉

Just take a look at IMAGE B below.

You can see the muscles separation, right?

And how bulgy the tummy looks?

This is called MUMMY TUMMY 

Or as some may call it BABY TUMMY

And this is why no matter the exercise, dieting, tying your belly 

Or even lifting weight you’ve been doing

Your tummy will keep looking bulgy and big like you are still 6 months pregnant

With no shape

Just like this woman you’ll see below;

That’s because all those exercises are not treating the root problem.

So what’s the root problem you may ask?

The root problem is that –

Due to pregnancy your stomach muscles that ensures you tummy looks flat, have been separated – making your tummy look bulgy like you a pregnant woman even after you’ve delivered 

And only until you bring back your stomach muscles to their original size before pregnancy came in,

That’s only when you see your tummy become flat and adorable like you were when you were still single.

That’s right – once you can get your stomach muscles back to their original position before pregnancy

You will get back that flat, firm and adorable tummy you’re be proud of when you look at the mirror in the morning

And finally be able to wear those beautiful dress you’ve put aside because your tummy shape spoils everything 

This is how many mums have been able to get their tummy back in shape even after their fourth child.

And it doesn’t matter if you gave birth through CS

Or if you’re still exclusively breastfeeding

Once you can get your stomach muscles back to their original position before pregnancy

You will get back that flat, firm and adorable tummy you’ll be proud of when you look at the mirror in the morning

And finally be able to wear those beautiful dress you’ve put aside because your tummy shape makes the dress shapeless




Good question.

Remember the cause of your big belly after pregnancy is because of the separation of your muscles to accommodate your growing baby right?


The blends in the Shred Belly Tea work through a method called Muscle Contraction

Muscle Contraction system  is what helps pull back your stomach muscles back to their original position before pregnancy came to the picture.

Making the gap that makes your tummy look bulgy close up like IMAGE A

This makes your stomach look much smaller like you were before you started having children.

But that’s not all…

Because some mothers already have fat in their belly or developed extra fat in their belly region after childbirth.

Shred Belly Tea contains a unique ingredient called Camellia Sinensis (popularly used by the Kardashian and Royal of Family of England)

This rare ingredient works with a phenomenon called “Fat Melting”

And once you notice your tummy and waist are in the right shape and size you want, 

You can stop taking the TEA and enjoy your new body.

That’s right, the only way to get your pre pregnancy tummy back after delivery is through “The Muscle Contraction System” which can only be found in the Shred Belly Tea For Postpartum Mothers 

This is why every other products you’ve tried in the past have not worked,

Because they lack The Muscle Contraction System in them

This is why mothers who use Shred Belly Tea get their pre-pregnancy tummy back and can confidently undress themselves before their lovers without feeling insecure or less attractive.

Now, you might be thinking…

You can get the Shred Belly Tea Delivered to your doorstep

And because we know that bulgy belly is not the only thing mums struggle,

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One thing mothers battle with after childbirth is stretch marks.

This ebook shows you how to prepare a natural cream you can apply on your belly to clear out the appearance of stretch marks on your skin.

And have them fade out completely over a short period of time so your legs, buttocks and body can look really smooth.

This Method is;

—It is 100% natural.

—Can be used if you gave birth through CS.

—Doesn’t affect your skin or cause any harm to your baby while using it even if you’re still breastfeeding.

—Get absorbed into your skin Quickly. That is it doesn’t stain your cloth or leave any marks on your cloth.

Best part is, the ingredients are very easy to find in your local market, and with less than N1000 you can prepare it and start using it.

Once you get access to this ebook

Turn over to page 1 and you’d see the ingredients there.

In fact, it works so well that some of our clients now use it to make extra income for themselves as mums 

They prepare this natural cream for other mums like them who want to clear out their stretch marks.

But that’s not all you’ll be getting…

You see, as a mum – I know that maintaining a good sexual life after pregnancy can be challenging.

In fact, research shows that 69% of mothers lose their sexual drive after pregnancy

Unfortunately, your husband doesn’t understand this and feels like you’re intentionally taking your body away from him.

Which something causes conflict at home

And while you’re not happy with it

You also don’t know what to do – to revive your sex life

And be a wife again.

That’s why you’ll also be getting…


The recipe in this eBook will open your eyes

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But that’s not all you’re getting today.


Ease Back Pain & Improve Posture After Delivery.

One thing we mothers suffer from is back pain especially once we start giving birth

Which makes us unable to stand for long without feeling back pain

This is as a result of carrying pregnancy and nursing our baby

And once not treated,

Can eventually lead to a weak spine in the later years of your life.

That’s why this guide will open your eyes.

Using the secrets in this Guide,

You’ll be able to feel ZERO back pain again.

But not just that

You’d be able to stand elegantly without bending over or looking for a place to support your back

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With this cookbook,

Once you turn to page 3 of this cookbook,

You’d see over 17 delicious, quick and easy to prepare Nigerian breakfast to serve your family every morning even if you’re a busy mum

This way, you can cut the stress of  thinking about what to prepare for your kids every morning with our healthy breakfast food ideas and BECOME THE WINNING MUM

Make your kids say THANK YOU MUMMY by serving them varieties of delicious meals every morning – so delicious that they actually look forward to the next day’s meal

But there’s a catch,

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And you too can have a flat, adorable and firm tummy again

One you can confidently open in the public and have other women shouting  – what are you using!!!

Your tummy has changed ooo!!!

Show us your secret now!!!

And you can confidently do shakara for them 

And pepper them with your body.

That’s the type of results the Shred Belly Tea gives

The truth is,

At this point is,

The question is not Does The Shred Belly Tea Work?

You’ve seen the proof from real mothers like you,

You’ve seen the science

You’ve seen medical journals validating our system.

The question is,

Do you have courage to take a step of faith and get your beauty back?

The exact beauty that your lover couldn’t look over while you were dating.

The same beauty he couldn’t hide but post on his status everyday

And have on his wallpaper.

The same beauty that once you ask anything he gives it to you.

The thing is,

I cannot tell you what to do.

You’re an adult.

Choose what’s best for you.

Whether you get the Shred Belly Tea Today or not

In a few weeks from now,

You can either be admired by all your friends about how your tummy is now looking smaller  and have them on your neck to spill out what you did so they can fix their big belly too.

Or have your lover showering you with all admiration because your transformation is visible and your belly will no longer hang down

Or how you’ll feel proud of yourself and confident again 

Or few weeks from now

You’ll only wish you had been more courageous today to get the Shred Belly Tea when next time you have an occasion that needs you to appear like a QUEEN

But the only thing that spoils how elegant you’d have appeared  – is your big belly.

Making you feel uncomfortable and almost hiding behind your lover so people won’t notice you

The choice is yours.

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