Sex Health Research Paper:

What Underhand Sex Enhancement Pills Do to The Average Human Male Body In Nigeria and (how to safely boost your libido, and naturally increase blood flow to your penis to enjoy more lasting and pleasurable sex anytime you want to)

Take a look at the image below:


They are international publications on erectile dsyfunction.


Not only do they reveal the dangers of sex enhancement pills.

They also prove that it may be the reason for your non-stop:

But beyond that…

The most shocking thing about this is how the ‘ health authorities’ you pay with your tax money to protect you know…

That many of the enhancement pills you buy and use in Nigeria are dangerous to your kidney and liver health.

But yet, they rarely do anything.

(I believe you know why already)


I am not saying you should not enjoy your sex life because of this.

But you already know that…

“Pain is hardest when you inflict it upon yourself.”

And in a country like Nigeria.

Where the average life expectancy of an adult male is below 57 years.

Underhand sex enhancement pills (which you know nothing about) not only increase your chances of:

They can equally lead to…

Cardiovascular problems, such as heart attack, irregular heartbeat, or stroke.

You see…

More than anything, underhand sex pills can harm you.

And I am not saying this to scare you.

Far from it.

But the truth is that most underhand pills are made from counterfeited mixtures

One of which is…

Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors [PDE-5i]

Known to cause…      Severe spikes in blood levels.

And much more…

As no one really checks for quality in this country.

Most of the people you buy them from can go scot-free if anything were to happen to you.

(this happens every day already)

You see…

While I am not praying for anything bad to happen to you.

You and I both know you have manly duties to perform to your partner.

And you can’t run away from it because of your condition.

Because the truth is, [whether you admit it or not]…

Sex is the most powerful bonding element in any relationship.

And you owe it as a responsibility to your partner.

But beyond this sacred duty… 

You also need regular, lasting, and satisfying sex as a human male.

You see…

Not only does it help deepen the bond you share with your partner…

It is also one of the best ways to:

And Much More.

However, you know how hard it can be to enjoy sex for you now.

Heck, I even know that sometimes when you see your woman’s wet, creamy, and ready-to-enter V-jay 

All you can think of is…



It is painful to be honest.

But not as painful as watching you woman bite her lips and hiss at your irresponsibility.


It is not as painful as thinking that she might be considering someone else outside – someone much better than you.

Women pretend a lot – you should know this better than I do now.

It might seem like they don’t like sex…

But the truth is…

They love and want it more than you do.

The problem is that most of them have learned how to keep quiet and not ask for it.

Especially if they are with a man who doesn’t know how to do their job properly.

See, I am not here to blame you.

I have also had my own fair share of cuming before time.


I know deep down that you desire to be fucked long, hard, and really good.

Not just because you are a man.


Because, first, you deserve it.

And secondly…

Because you need it.

That’s why if you truly want to…

Then I’ve got the best news for you…

Because within the next few minutes, I’ll show you…

What every woman secretly wishes men know and do

To Take Control of Their Sex Life, Determine When They Release, Grow a Fatter, Longer and Thicker Penis, Produce Quality Sperm, and Be the Man That Satisfies and Makes Her Scream at Ungodly Hours…

Fact: It’s not Viagra and certainly not tramadol; the answer has been right inside your body all this time…and…I’ll show it to you shortly…

But first, let’s be honest!

Nothing gives joy like ‘mad’ sex

Especially one that lasts.

One that keeps her moaning loudly from your powerful thrusts…

Screaming out your names in toe-curling ecstasy while digging her nails into your flesh and begging you to allow her cum.

Sex that reminds her of who you were and what you were capable of doing,

“Sex that knocks her off balance”

That’s what I call it…

Because you are guaranteed to come back to the smiles and arms of a woman well-pounded…with signs…

She’s already wet for you to take her there and then.

Just only by thinking of you…and how you dominate everything about her.

Is this possible again, you ask?

Yes, it is…

Because a lot of the people I’ve worked with do.

And within the next few minutes, I’ll reveal to you the only solution you ever need to answer a man again.

In fact, with what I am going to show you.

You will never again have to stay awake at night worrying about where your strength went to. 

You’ll never again have to rely on alcohol and the sex pills that kill you to get some action.

With what I’ll show you…

In all…

You’ll not be disappointed in your ability to boast and show work when it’s time.

But first, let’s talk…

Okay, how about this:👇


If you’ve been nodding your head to these questions, then continue reading.


I know exactly how and what it feels like to have a woman looking at you and shaking her head in doubt of your power as a man.

Even to the point of using it against you during harmless home quarrels.

Don’t feel bad; you are not alone.

You see, just like you, I used to suffer terribly from erectile dysfunction (ED), the leading cause of ‘premature ejaculation.’

And to be honest…

I can’t count the number of times I denied myself of my own satisfaction just to please my woman.

I loved her.

And so, during those dark moments, I felt less of a man, humiliated, frustrated, and confused.

The truth is…

Nothing worries a man as not being able to take charge of his own home (lovemaking) and, most importantly…his woman…

You don’t want to give the devil the chance to start whispering nonsense ideas to her – to explore other able men…

Just to get a taste of a good fuck that lasts long

You know!

As a troubled man, I started off researching for a cure like crazy.

I read blogs and articles and attended many paid and unpaid classes, combined with the many concoctions they mixed and gave me.

Part of which was the problem.

You see…

I didn’t realize how pills were damaging my body.

Until much later in life.


I needed a solution, so I did all I was asked and paid every dime requested.

But you already know how it ends.

Spikes of hope, here and there.

It’ll work for a moment and then stop right when you need it most.

With very risky side effects.

It was very terrible and embarrassing to even talk about. 

I mean, how do you even start to explain that you release before you even start?🤔

No, na…that’s not the way.

You see…


Erectile dysfunction is a far bigger problem than most men realize. As many as over 50% of us between the ages of 30-70 experience it in a lifetime…

The problem is that most of us prefer to die in shame rather than talk about it.

I can understand why, though.

Believe me…

No one would want to talk about not lasting long in bed for fear of hearing it outside and having people make fun of you.

Would you?

I mean…

That’s not like the normal conversation we often have with friends

You see…

It took me enough courage to open up to my junior staff, who boasted that he has tasted half of the females in my office because of…

A unique ‘masterpiece‘ he uses.

And by the way, there was nothing so special about him.

In fact, that was what got me curious.

He had no muscle.

Where a six-pack should be was visibly replaced by a growing pot belly.

His normal salary was just above 100k.

Yet he could boast of having women he ever slept with come back begging for more

Even married ones.

I got curious and went on to try, too…and the results for that first day were normal.

However, the second day was something else.

I could hardly understand what was happening.

We started off with dirty talks after dinner, then foreplay, before I suggested she climb me.

When I noticed how long it had been, she started complaining of her knees paining her because of the bicycle dance on top.

I got on top of her and continued without much thought.

And even though the fan right above us was at top speed, we still covered the foam with buckets of sweat.

However, I won’t boast that everything is perfect.

But I can assure you that my neighbors cough knowingly each morning at the car park.

And my woman is very full of smiles after each minute nowadays.

You should know…

That each  day you live, your sex cells weaken 

And it’s not your fault.

It’s a biological function that most people selling ‘sex enhancement’ drugs don’t understand or might not be willing to tell you.

So you don’t stop buying and making them millions.

While slowly killing yourself with their poison and making your woman belittle your power as a man.

The thing is…

There is nothing wrong with you.

As a normal human being.

And this can affect your overall sex life.


At your age, it is expected that some of your cells will be weak due to exposure to:

And more…

Which is unusual for most men.

So to get ahead of erectile dysfunction.

To end the cycle of embarrassment that comes with quick ejaculation.

To get immediate access to her waiting and wet entrance with a fully erect and turgid penis.

To not get aroused and start looking for what to take.

To have more sperm count.

Enjoy lasting and satisfying sexual pleasure.

Banish quick pouring.

End your addiction to enhancers.

And all the other harmful things you are exposing your body to.

You’ll first have…

Give your body a chance to heal.

Here’s why:


The food you eat.

The drinks you have consumed.

The chemicals you’ve ingested.

The environments you’ve been exposed to. 

The stress your body has endured.

Have all built an avalanche of toxic substances in your body.

And these toxins, no matter what you take, won’t allow your body to return to normal.

Thereby slowing the release of blood to your penis.

Which is the reason for erectile dysfunction and the apparent inability to…

Safely flush out these toxins from your body.

Just like I said earlier.

You are not getting any results because the toxic buildup is still in your body.


Your liver and kidney are supposed to help you expel them.

But what are the chances they are strong enough to help you do this?

You know better.


Once you are able to expel the toxic buildups in your body safely.

Then and only then can the healing process start.

(This is where most people who sell enhancers fail)


You can do this with:


Probiotics, or even Viagra.

But the chances that they will work or even last for you are slim.

For one…

They are not with any ‘active curative’ agent.


They might get you to perform now – or later.

But they won’t continue to sustain you whenever you want.

I don’t know about you.

But I don’t think taking ‘something’ is the best option whenever I want to perform.


What if you don’t have it?

What if the sex is spontaneous?

What if it’s a meat you have been targeting for too long?


That’s not ideal.


There is a much better, natural, and safer way.

One that does not require you to…

Swallow concoctions.

Waste money on harmful chemicals.

Nor expose you to harm.


It gives you access to curative agents that not only help your body expel toxins but also help in actively healing up your weak cells.

This active agent contains…

Turnera diffusa; a powerful blend of a long-lasting blend of plants and the ‘miracle molecule’ (Diodia Scandens) that restores your blood level to normal while aiding metabolism and enhancing cardiovascular activities.


The introduction of this powerful blend into your body system will naturally:

You should know that…

High blood level is the major cause of incomplete and unfirm erection.

This product relieves this by balancing the sensitivities of the genitalia to dilate blood vessels and boost erection.

It is perfect for men between (30-70)…

The natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals from this product support optimal health and enhance physical and mental performance.


Stop giving the excuse I used to give:

‘But, I am tired from work, honey.’

Rather start hearing…

‘Baby, thank you, or maybe, my whole body is paining me already, please na tomorrow.’


With the ‘ Power Up+’ dietary supplement, rich in Turnera diffusa, you can…

Give ‘any woman’ addictive and mind-blowing sexual pleasure and still confidently feel ‘manlier’ without any potential side effects starting today.

Power Up+’ is very good at boosting and giving a harder erection so you can pound and penetrate better.

What this means is that…

You can have erections when you want it and still be able to maintain a thick hard-rock erection that doesn’t disappoint

What of watery sperm, you ask?

Power Up+’ in a matter of days…

Thickens your sperm.

Increase its quality and better chances of fertilizing her egg.

With this…

You will finally save your face from shame.

Regain your pride.

Save your relationship 

And avoid the embarrassing moments of cumming before you even begin

Before you go on to get this product.

Let me share something important with you.

Most people love to live in denial.

But here’s the truth…

Erectile dysfunction causes depression even for the strongest of men.

And an unsatisfactory sex life can be the downfall of even your supposed strong relationship.

(statistics from divorce rate as a result of sexual incompatibility prove this, not me)

Think about it…


Unlike many of the products out there.

Power Up+’ does not in any way stop or reduce any sexual pleasure.

It does not hurt your balls or cause any peppery sensation in your private parts.

As a matter of fact…

It enhances the beginning and climax moments, making it all pleasurable for you both.


You don’t need to lie awake with worries again.

With Power Up+’

You can take absolute control of your sex life; and become a satisfied and satisfying lover too.

This is so because, over the years, my team and I have perfected the natural roots, spices, and herbs in this formula.

To help you…

Expel toxic buildups in your body.

Repair damaged cells in your body.

Boost your immune systems 

So you can…

Fuck and be fucked without shame, no matter how old you are. 

Enjoy sex whenever you want without fear.

Get massive and quicker erections.

Sustain your sexual libido and strength.

You don’t have to.

Because, for one…

Power Up+ contains curative agents that help you heal the cause of your erectile dysfunction.



I know you are asking…

Will taking Power Up+’ make you purge?

Well, the answer is no.

You see…

When people purge after using herbal medications.

It is either because of excess dosage or because of the ingredients used.

Thankfully, we don’t use any chemicals at all.

So, no.

I bet you are asking if you’ll be buying this every week like the other options in the market?

The short answer is NO!

You don’t have to.

Because, for one…

Power Up+’ contains curative agents that help you heal the cause of your erectile dysfunction.


It is safe, natural, and contains zero chemicals.

So you don’t have to worry about anything.

Now the good news is…

For just N38,500.

You can get the Power Up+ secretly wrapped and delivered to you wherever you are in Nigeria today.


I understand that N38,500 is not a small amount.

That why…

I’ve decided to make your experience worth every penny.

So, in addition to the Power Up+

You will also get for FREE when you order NOW:


 Infectura – The Infection Prevention and Treatment Tea

Infection is everywhere.

It is in the water you drink.

The food you eat. 

The air you breathe and worst of all…

The countless sexual encounters you have had in your lifetime.


I’m not saying it’s wrong to not enjoy your life.

On the contrary, you should.

And I believe this too.

However, everything (good or bad) comes at a cost.

And one of those costs is the accumulation of infection-causing toxins in your body.

Toxins that often destroy your immune systems.

Toxins that cause you sickness.

Toxins that drain your energy.

Toxins that make you weak.

That’s why it is necessary from time to time to cleanse your body from the inside out.

And also the reason why you’re getting the Infectura as a free gift once you order for our PowerUp+

Infecura is our herbal remedy for speedy safe and effective treatment of chronic infections.

It works by targeting and killing harmful bacteria in your body and preventing them from spreading.

Essentially, it helps your body heal.

Thrive and glow.

And you’re getting it for FREE.

Plus our…


The Orgasm Bible – 101 Ways To Make Any Woman Cum FAST!

Most men think they understand women’s sexuality.


It is one thing to know how to fuck.

And another thing entirely to know how to make a woman cum fast.

This guide reveals a reliable way to get any woman to cum.


I can bet my money you will enjoy this one more.

Fun, informative, and easy to read.

101 Ways To Make Any Woman Cum Fast is an encyclopedia of female pleasure.

Its graphic detailing shows you dozens of tried-and-true techniques for consistently satisfying a woman.

You will also find…

Step-by-step instructions to ensure success. 

The simple methods in this guide represent a new era in sexual intimacy.

One you would enjoy with your partner.

And finally, our…


The Sneaky Sex Snack Recipe For Sexual Health

What you eat matters.

Not only for your sexual health.

But for your general wellness.

That’s why our Sneaky Sex Snack Recipe contains…

Organic, natural, and healthy food and snack suggestions you can get and start using today.

It is nothing fancy.

The guide was created with the present economy in mind.

This means…

You can find them where you are.

They are natural alternatives.

They are cheap.

With this snack guide…

You will eat healthily.

Gain back your strength.

Live longer.

And continue to enjoy your time with your loved ones.

All for just N38,500

In addition…

You will also Get My Favorite  Hotline‘…’ for FREE 

This means you won’t have to worry about how to use it.

I’ll follow up the treatment with you.

Answer your questions.

Help you learn more about your sexual health.

And more.

You won’t be alone in this healing process.

That’s my promise to you.

 Don’t take my word for it.

I have helped over 100 take control of their sex life and save their relationships

And you can be the next.

If you take action and buy now…

To even make it easier for you.

Here’s another big bonus.

If you place an order now…

I will send you the 2 other hidden Fast Action Bonuses For FREE And details on how to use them.


Trust me, you don’t want to miss them.

(hidden box)

Now there are two choices

First Option: Do nothing and not take this leap of faith.

Second Option: Take me up on this small investment today (including but not limited to the bonuses lined up) and give it a shot!

The great thing is that…

Every order comes with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

If it works (which I have seen time and again), great… 

If not, just ask for a refund and get back an extra N10,000 to say SORRY for wasting your time.

And the good part is…

You’ll still get to keep the product + freebies.

I am confident you will love this product.

You stand to lose nothing.

Let me assure you:

No one would know the contents of the package except you.

When you compare what you are paying to how much you will pay for an impotent and infertility TREATMENT worth millions of Naira.

What about the emotional embarrassment of quick ejaculation? 

You will realize that the cost of this masterpiece is very low.

‘Good health is better than money.’

Here’s what you get when you place an Order for  the
Power Up+ Tea Today;

Regular Pack

Order 1 PowerUp+ + 1 Infectura =N38,500

Standard Pack

Order 2 PowerUp+ + 1 Infectura =N58,500

Premium Pack

Order 3 PowerUp+ + 1 Infectura =N75,500

Ultimate Pack

Order 4 PowerUp+ + 2 Infectura =N95,500

Please Do Not Place An Order If you don’t have the money to buy it now.

If you will no longer pick up calls at the point of delivery. Ensure To re-confirm the prices before placing your orders.

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